Why to monitoring vehicles?

Operation of vehicles carries in addition to legal liability and a wide range of financial costs. The optimization and achieving the necessary level of efficiency is absolutely necessary to have as much as possible information. Monitoring, or if we want to monitor, arouses in us a feeling of restriction, whether preventive or follow-up. And it is exactly. The cost of vehicle operation play an important role in such quantities, like the driver's salary, fuel consumption, maintenance costs ...

At the time of digitization and the existence of information transmission via satellite is not surprising, there are a lot of systems which permit to track vehicle movements with high accuracy. What's more, thanks to the structural architecture of electrical and electronic systems of modern cars You can remotely capture a wide range of operating values ​​of the individual units. Until recently we used to be impressed with the fact that Formula 1 racing teams have called on-line available status and behavior seater motor during the race only in the pits but also in their settlements, often one thousand kilometers away from the track. Today it is quite common that an adequately equipped truck "voice" their position and status drive from almost anywhere on the globe. Monitoring, albeit with them in terms of the monitored individual carries issues of ethics, sharing and use of information not only contributes significantly to the efficiency, in our case of road transport, but also for its higher security, and ultimately to lower optimized environmental burden.

Monitoring is simply inevitable.